02/04/2013 08:44 BST

It's... Kung Fu Grandpa! (VIDEO)

As the old saying goes: How many nunchucks could a man chuck if a man could chuck nunchucks? Sort of.

Anyway, the answer lies in the video above. Sort of.

For it shows a man getting his "Kung Fu Nunchuck Panda on" in the car park of a grocery store in Richmond, Virginia - and it's worth watching for the commentary alone. Thank you, Rev. Aamon Miller.

"[I found out] the reason he was doing kung fu in the parking lot is that he goes shopping with his girlfriend," Rev. Miller tells NBC12. "But he hates to shop, and so while she is in the store shopping he gets out his nunchucks in the parking lot of whatever store they are at all over Richmond."

Bravo, fellas. But remember, America: you may have your kung fu grandpas. But over in Welsh car parks, it's all about amazing football freestylers...

(Via Daily Picks And Flicks)