03/04/2013 11:50 BST | Updated 03/06/2013 06:12 BST

Lego Fan Mike Doyle Builds 200,000-Brick Alien City (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

A Lego fan has built a 200,000-brick alien city to celebrate "spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds".

Mike Doyle from New York is now asking for donations to continue his project and "promote the beauty of all intelligent life forms as extensions of our family".

His first city - Contact 1 - is five feet tall by six feet wide. It took 600 hours to make, he said, and more than 200,000 bricks.

mike doyle

It builds on his previous work, including a dramatic collapsed Victorian house.

In the new series of alien cities Doyle wants to describe the potential for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

He said on his Kickstarter page:

Future 'Contact' works will feature celebrations of expanded consciousness, loving and caring moments of ETs, contact events and other celebration from our brothers and sisters throughout the universe.

In order to fund new cities he is offering prints of Contact 1, as well as Limited Edition Lego Kits and downloadable instructions.

So far he has already doubled his $1,000 goal, and with 48 days to go should be kept in Lego for some time.