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Red Ted Art Makes: Hobby Horses

Red Ted Art makes: Hobby horses

Maggy Woodley blogs at Her first book, Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for kids is available from March 28th.

Here, Maggy shows us how to make Hobby Horses.

This is a craft for lone socks. A larger sock is best for this, so hunt out one of dad's stray ones! You can also use a child's sock to make some fun mini horses.

You will need:

Sturdy stick or broom handle (the stick should be the height
of the child or slightly longer)
Scraps of fabric or felt
Sticky tape
Ball of wool
Needle and thread

What to do:

1. Cover the top of the stick with stuffing or bubble wrap and some fabric scraps and tape in place - this will protect the horse's head later and prevent the stick from poking out.

2. Start stuffing your sock from the toe up to the heel. You should be able to shape the head with your hands to form a muzzle and head.

3. Insert the stick and then add stuffing all around it, reshaping the head if necessary.

4. Wrap a piece of string tightly around the base of the head and stick, and tie tightly to fix the stick to the head at the same height as the notch you cut earlier.

5. Cut out two tear-shaped pieces of felt for the ears, and then another two smaller pieces of felt for the insides of the ears.

6. It is nice to have two contrasting colours. Stitch or glue them together and pinch at the
bottom to create an ear shape. Pin them in the right position (they will be secured later).

7. You could also use denim for the ears as for the horse here, but it requires a little more
sewing to avoid fraying edges. Pin the buttons for the eyes where you think you will want them – you may want to reposition them later.

8. Cut your ribbon into several lengths to create the halter. You need a piece
to go around the muzzle, a piece to go around the head and a much longer piece that connects the muzzle with the headpiece and then forms the reins. It should loop back around.

9. The head and connect on the other side with the headpiece and nozzle. Pin the ribbon pieces on to the head to see if you have them in the right place.

10. Check that the eyes, ears and halter all work nicely together and then sew everything in place.

11. Make the mane and forelock by marking a line from the top of the head between the ears to where you want the mane to end. Cut several lengths of wool to 20 cm. Form a loop
with each length of wool and stitch it to the back of the horse's head with a firm stitch.

12. Repeat with the remaining lengths of wool all the way down the back of the head to form the mane. Repeat on the top of the head at the front to make the forelock.

Giddy-up! And off you gallop.

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