03/04/2013 08:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Video: Is This The World's Happiest Grandmother-To-Be?

Finding out you're about to be a grandmother has to be one of the happiest events ever. And if proof were needed, here it is, in the form of Dorothy Barthelson, whose reaction to her fabulous news went off the Richter scale.

Her extraordinary (and totally hysterical) joy was captured on video and posted on YouTube where it has attracted almost half a million views.

Her daughter Ashley and partner Michael Krauter decided to surprise the unsuspecting gran-to-be and her husband on his 60th birthday. Rather than tell them about the baby they wrapped a pair of Grandpa shoes in a box with a picture from their recent Sonogram.

As Mr Barthelson unwrapped his gift, the couple were filmed by their son-in-law, capturing the dramatic moment from Dorothy, who is clearly over the moon at the news.

As her husband reads: 'Grandpa! Some birthdays are more special than others', the penny drops and it sets off a rather excited reaction in the form of an ear-splitting shriek that startles the pet dog sitting on her knee.

Leaping up screaming, Dorothy, from North Carolina, U.S., shrieks: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, is it true? It really is true? I'm excited, I'm really excited, I'm so excited."

Dancing around the room, wailing and sobbing, she adds: "You have to come and live with us. I can't believe."

Her much calmer husband, offers his son-in-law a handshake and eventually interjects: "Dorothy, come on, quit crying."

Yes, quite.

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