04/04/2013 13:25 BST | Updated 04/04/2013 17:57 BST

Songs For An Impending Nuclear War (SPOTIFY PLAYLIST)

Firstly, let us start by saying that there's nothing funny about nuclear war.

In fact, we think Simon Le Bon said it best when he uttered the immortal line: "You're about as easy as a nuclear war". Exactly, Simon.

That said: one of the ways we can cope with the the utter bleakness of the world right now - what with its benefit cuts, brutal deaths and, yes, threat of nuclear war - is to make like Blackadder and laugh in the face of fear, tweak the nose of Kim Jong Un... and make a Spotify playlist.

From Marvin Gaye to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, click play below for a selection of 25 rousing/bleak/rousingly bleak songs about the end of the world, nuclear-style. Kicking off with some wise words from the late, great Tom Lehrer...