04/04/2013 06:15 BST

Olly Murs Confirms 'The Xtra Factor' Exit: 'I Love It, But It Is A Lot Of Pressure'

Olly Murs has officially confirmed his departure from 'The X Factor' spin-off show 'The Xtra Factor'.

“It’s going to be a shame not to do 'The Xtra Factor' again. I’m gutted because it’s been a huge part of my life for the last two years," he told The Sun.

The 'Troublemaker' singer was a runner-up in The X Factor's 2009 series, but now says juggling the presenting role with his music has left him feeling “more like a product than a human”.

Murs, who has presented the ITV2 spin-off show with Caroline Flack for two years, added: “I don’t get four weeks holiday a year — I only get one week or two weeks sometimes — and I don’t get weekends off like everyone else. I have missed that.

“Fundamentally, you need time off to refresh your memory and brain.

“I love it, but it is a lot of pressure.”

Last month, Murs said he's not recognised enough for his achievements, which include releasing three albums and selling almost three million copies.

He said: "People come from 'The X Factor' and they might stick around for a year or two, so I'm proud to carry on selling records, to grow a fanbase and be on three albums.

"It's a massive achievement and it doesn't get highlighted enough, the three albums I've released and the sales I've achieved. I think it's amazing and I'm really chuffed, but it doesn't get written about."

Asked whether it bothered him, the 28-year-old who is preparing to go on a European tour with Robbie Williams, said: "Of course it does... From an industry point of view, press too, there is snobbery that I'm from 'The X Factor', that I didn't come through the right channels, and they're not into it.

"I don't understand it. It's clear in writing how successful I've been and what I've achieved."

Will you miss Murs on 'The Xtra Factor'?

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