04/04/2013 16:08 BST | Updated 05/04/2013 05:52 BST

Queen Receives Bafta For Being 'Most Memorable Bond Girl Yet'

The Queen has received an honorary Bafta in recognition of a lifetime's support of British film and television and for being the most "memorable Bond girl yet".

Sir Kenneth Branagh presented the award during a glittering reception at Windsor Castle.

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The Queen was honoured for her support of the arts

John Willis, chairman of Bafta, paid tribute to the Queen for her patronage of entertainment bodies and charities throughout her reign.

He drew laughter from the audience when he referred to the Queen's now famous role alongside James Bond during the opening ceremony of the Olympics - when she appeared to parachute into the stadium with 007.

Mr Willis said in a short speech: "We should be proud of our industry. The people here this evening represent a vast variety of skills and ground breaking innovation; they have entertained and informed a generation and inspired generations to come."

He told the audience who included the Duke of Edinburgh: "I am delighted that this evening has given us the opportunity to give something back. I have the great honour to announce that we are to present Her Majesty with an honorary Bafta today, in recognition of her outstanding patronage of the film and television industries."

The former award-winning television documentary director, now chief executive of the independent television production company Mentorn Media, highlighted the monarch's support for British film and television.

Mr Willis said: "The Queen has been patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund and the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund - for which money is raised by Royal Film Performances - since 1952, so for more than 60 years, and visited countless industry organisations, shining a light on the work that we all do and lending her tireless support to our efforts."

He added: "More recently Her Majesty the Queen starred at the London Olympics as the most memorable Bond girl yet."

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Sir Kenneth kept up the theme of the Queen's unexpected movie appearance at London 2012's opening night when he gave his presentation speech.

To laughter from his audience he told the Queen said: "...Your sensational appearance at the opening ceremony of last year's Olympics was especially memorable.

"So much so that several of my colleagues here tonight want you to know that should you wish to take it further into the world of British films that they have a number of scripts with them here this evening. I have to warn you, Your Majesty, not all of these films are fully financed."

Finally 007 - who was not at the event - was mentioned: "Of cour