05/04/2013 07:19 BST

'The Big Reunion' Series 2: Big Brovaz In Talks To Star

Noughties R&B group Big Brovaz are reportedly in talks to appear on the next series of ITV2's 'The Big Reunion'.

Four members of the Mobo Award-winning group posted a clip on video-sharing site Keek, where they revealed they were discussing taking part in the show.

J-Rock said: "We're in ITV at the moment discussing a Big Reunion... who knows?", Digital Spy reports.

big brovaz

But the female members of the group, Dion, Nadia and Cherise do not appear in the video.

The group, whose debut single 'Nu Flow' made the top three in the charts in 2002, had five top 20 singles including 'OK', 'Favourite Things' and 'Baby Boy' before being dropped by their label in 2004.

Their split came shortly after rapper Flawless was sacked after he was caught trying to take drugs into the US.

The band were heading to the States to perform at the world premiere of the 'Scooby Doo 2' film, which had two of their songs on the soundtrack.

Flawless was stopped at Los Angeles Airport and was found to have a small amount of cannabis with him.

There have been various attempts to reform the group and in May 2012 the four surviving original members of the band set off on a tour of Australia with three members of pop group S Club 7.

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