Ikea Elk Lasagne Pulled From Shelves After Pork Found In Dish

Ikea has blocked all sales of its elk meat lasagne in Europe after the dish was found to contain pork.

More than 17,000 elk lasagnes have been pulled from shelves after Belgian authorities found the meat had been contaminated with pork. A further 10,000 tonnes of elk lasagne currently stored in warehouses has been blocked from sale.

Tests confirmed the mince, made by the suppliers Familjen Dafgard, contained 1.4% pork on Friday. The limit for contamination of meat products is 1%.

Familjen Dafgard also supplied Ikea with the meatballs which had to be pulled from sale after they were found to contain horse.

Dafgard said the reason for the latest contamination was failure to clean surfaces properly after handling different animals.

Ikea said the meat posed no health risk and said in a statemetn: "Together with our supplier, we have implemented improvements to ensure that our products should not contain any other ingredients than those declared on the packages.

"Ikea is committed to serving and selling high-quality food that is safe, healthy and produced with care for the environment and the people who produce it."

The elk lasagne is the latest in the meat contamination scandal which has spread across Europe. The scandal broke in January after it was revealed that Tesco frozen burgers contained up to 50% horse meat.

Findus, Birds Eye, Burger King as well as some independent butchers have all been found to be selling products that contained horse meat.