Matt Silver-Vallance Floats From Helium Balloons From Robben Island To Cape Town (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Fulfils Every Child's Dream

A South African man has done the stuff of every child's dreams after floating from Robben Island to Cape Town attached to 160 helium balloons.

Matt Silver-Vallance did the "hairy" stunt to raise money for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, reports the BBC.

The daredevil travelled 3.7 miles across the Atlantic and had to control his landing by popping balloons.

All did not go to plan however and a change in wind direction threw Silver-Vallance off course, reports Times Live.

He said: "I was going up...then I started coming down again, that's when it got hairy again.

"Would we do it again? Probably not."

Silver-Vallance landed in the sea not far from his intended target and was picked up by a coastguard boat.

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