Boston Dynamics 'Petman' Robot Tests Camouflage Clothing (VIDEO)

An American military contractor has demonstrated a humanoid robot in camouflage clothing which can run, jump and even sweat like a real human.

And yes, it looks nightmarish.

Fortunately, this isn't a vision of our future apocalypse, but a system designed to test vital safety equipment.

Boston Dynamics said that Petman is an "anthropomorphic robot designed for testing chemical protection clothing".

Part funded by the US Department of Defense, it has been built to mimic human movements, and 'stress test' vital safety gear before it can be deployed in the field.

The robot is able to run, walk, and even do the splits in mid-air (depending on the configuration). Inside it has a variety of sensors which are able to track chemicals which might be leaking through the suit.

"The skin also maintains a micro-climate inside the clothing by sweating and regulating temperature," BD said.

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