'Broadchurch' Episode 6 Review - Detective Hardy's Demons Threaten To Overwhelm Him

TV REVIEW: Broadchurch Episode 6 - Detecting Demons

Following the tragedy of Jack Marshall last week, 'Broadchurch' detectives were no nearer discovering the identity of Danny Latimer's killer, something of which detectives Miller and Hardy were painfully aware.

Jack Marshall's funeral revealed the hypocrisy of the town, queueing up to pay their respects to the man they hounded - "should have done that while he was alive," was the point brought home by the increasingly emotional, increasingly creepy vicar.

Detectives Hardy and Miller are both bruised by their pursuit of an unknown Broadchurch killer

All the answers obviously lie very close to home - Miller's own son Tom admitting he and Danny weren't the best friends everyone thought - in fact, "I hated him and I'm glad he's dead." And yet… secrets were obviously shared, most of them in the phone. And now the skateboard's turned up… more red herrings? Or just a chance for Pauline Quirke to be delightfully creepy?

So Who Do YOU Think Killed Danny Latimer? Only Two Episodes To Go...

In the midst of the uphill detective work, Beth found strange solace with the mother of a previous victim DI Hardy tried and failed to help. It was a slow, moving account of the depth of real grief, and it also raised more questions as to the nature of Hardy's demons, which continue to threaten to overwhelm him. Is he really "the worst cop in Britain"? Perhaps not, but he's definitely a ticking bomb, with only two episodes to go.

The one good thing this week - seeing those brat journalists falling out with each other, with mutual blame and recriminations. All in a day's work.


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