08/04/2013 05:22 BST | Updated 04/11/2014 09:59 GMT

Japanese 'Girlfriend Coat' Will Hug You, Whisper Sweet Nothings (VIDEO)

A team of Japanese students have invented a coat designed to make it feel like you have a girlfriend.

The team of engineers at the University of Tsukuba came up with the device to make it feel as though a girl is hugging you from behind, and whispering in your ear.

Kotaku explains that the coat is called a "Riajyuu Coat", a word that roughy translated means someone who is happy with their lives outside the Internet.

They also note that it's not exactly a serious product - you can't buy it, and the students clearly have a sense of humour.

That said, it's a pretty neat idea. And we've seen stranger products hit the market eventually.

"The concept of this device is that everyone can get the feeling that having a girlfriend," said hardware engineer Hikaru Sugiura.

The coat employs a self-tightening belt to simulate the feeling of being hugged, and says phrases like "I'm sorry I'm late" to give that fully-rounded feel to the interaction.