Apple iPad 5: Rumours Say New Device Nearing Production (PICTURES)

Apple might already be getting ready to build the next iPad.

Rumours suggest that the new tablet, which will be - you guessed it - both thinner and lighter than the previous version (we know, shocking) will start production in July ready for a release at the start of the autumn.

The rumours come via a report light on both details and named sources over at Digitimes - a website known for occasionally accurate, but actually usually pretty shaky, Apple-related tidbits.

It cites unnamed sources in Taiwan for the news.

They add that the new device will have a thinner bezel than the old iPad - more like the current iPad Mini.

The displays will be made by LG and Sharp, it said, while the touch panel will be put together by TPK.

We have no way of independently confirming the rumours, and Apple doesn't comment on upcoming products.

But we'd be astonished if Apple weren't in the final stages of finalising its new gadget, since the iPad 3/4 design is now over a year old.

And since Apple sold a total of 22.9 million iPads in Q4 2012, let's just say that there's a fairly good chance of them wanting to keep printing money.