Gorilla Photobombs Two Youngsters at Werribee Open Range Zoo In Melbourne, Australia (PICTURES)

The Best Gorilla Photobomb Ever?

In what looks like the fiercest photo bomb ever, this gorilla pulls a terrifying face for the cameras as two youngsters visting a zoo in Australia offered their bananas to the angry primate.

Motaba the gorilla

His distended purple tongue panting at the glass, the gorilla Motaba attempts to steal a bite from six-year-old Ella O'Brien and her sister Bridget, 4, who appear unafraid of the gigantic silverback behind them.

Motaba is 29, having celebrated his birthday in December

Motaba is 29-years-old and currently lives at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Melbourne, Australia with his two sons Yakini and Ganyeka.

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