Tom Cruise's $7,000,000 Gift to Suri - Her Own Transatlantic Jet - Yes, Really!

What do you give the seven-year-old who has everything? The answer - her own aeroplane, of course.

According to reports, Tom Cruise has forked out a cool £7 million on flying his daughter Suri to see him in London, where he's been busy promoting his new sci-fi film 'Oblivion', for her seventh birthday.

Suri is pretty used to luxurious forms of transport by now

And Suri will have permanent access to the plane, which will fly her between her divorced parents, Cruise and Katie Holmes.


The good news is it won't leave him too short of change. The actor, who recently confirmed that 'Mission: Impossible 5' is in the works, is rumoured to have a fortune in the region of $270million which, considering he has three divorces behind him, isn't bad going.

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