Royal Baby Facts: 15 Things Kate Middleton Should Know, From Chicken Blood To Government Witnesses

From Chicken Blood To MPs At The End Of The Bed, 15 Things Kate Should Know About A Royal Birth

It's only three months until the royal baby is due to nudge its way into the world, and half-contained hysteria already surrounds the eminent foetus.

Kate has already admitted she's nervous about giving birth, which will come as no surprise to any mother. But having a baby is just a "leeetle" bit different if you're a royal. The mystique, importance and sense of tradition involved in removing a royal bun from its regal oven means it's altogether more of a procedure than the mere 'childbirth' experienced by the rest of us.

Kate has admitted she is nervous about the royal birth

Although it's likely to be altogether more pleasant for Kate, tradition once demanded that a government minister was in the room when the baby was born to prevent any impostors from being smuggled in.

There used to be just one gynaecologist who treated all the royals too, meaning you'd be dealt with by the man who had delivered your sister in laws' babies and had even been present for your husband's birth. The things that man had seen.

Yes, the royal birth is an altogether odd phenomenon, so take a flick through the facts below and soak up the trivia about the present royal family.


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