Barcelona 1-1 PSG: Are Barça Europe's Most Unlikeable Team? (PICTURES)

Whenever Barcelona are playing and getting the run-around, you can gauge the universal schadenfreude just by a quick trawl through Twitter. Until Lionel Messi arrived just after the hour mark, Paris Saint-Germain were the superior side.

However Messi was the catalyst for Barça recovering from Javier Pastore's neat opener as Pedro's equaliser sealed a 1-1 draw, and passage through to the Champions League semi-finals on away goals.

"Leave him alone. He's not used to these 'tackles'."

It is however testament to Barcelona that, for all their brilliance and monopoly of club football honours over the past five years, that they seem to be disliked for reasons other than their success. Their gamesmanship and, at times, cheating, butchers their brilliance and their sanctimony sullies the spectacle they often deliver.

PSG lost their rag in the dying embers when referee Bjorn Kuipers began to award the home side some very iffy decisions, as they became irate not only with Kuipers but Jordi Alba, who ran down the clock with some dubious play-acting.

Barcelona butchering their brilliance