Australian TV Host Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions – In Front Of Arnie (VIDEO)

Imagine the scene. You're interviewing Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time. Arnold Schwarzenegger! Naturally, you're pretty excited. But you're a professional. You need to keep your cool. You need to act like not too much of a fan boy and not start doing all your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions... except... uh-oh!

Yes, click play to watch, cringe and possibly laugh at Australian morning TV host Karl Stefanovic as he did just that.

It's not the first time Stefanovic has displayed comic briliance, either. According to the website FilmDrunk, he "has taken the inherent awkwardness of the fluff morning show format and elevated to a level of, dare I say, art". Sounds like the Australian Richard Madelely!