'Margaret Thatcher Airport? Boris Will Say Anything To Get Progress On His Island' Sniggers David Cameron

David Cameron has sniggered at Boris Johnson's suggestion that his proposed estuary airport could be named after Margaret Thatcher, insisting the London Mayor was merely attempting to move the faltering project along.

In an interview with Sky's Adam Boulton, the PM sneered that Boris "will say anything to get progress on his airport."

It came after Boris said on Wednesday: "Mega airports are springing up all over the continent that are stealing British trade and are a threat to the economy.

"It is why this country so desperately needs a new four-runway sub and I can think of no name that would strike greater fear into the heart of our European rivals than Margaret Thatcher International Airport."

An artists impression of a four-runway Thames Estuary airport capable of handling 150 million passengers a year

The long brewing rivalry between Cameron and Boris bubbled over in recent months after the mayor finally admitted that "of course" he would like to be Prime Minister, and would not turn down the job if people wanted him.

Plans for a new estuary airport have been nicknamed 'Boris Island' due to his outspoken championing of the project.

However 'Boris Island' has been heavily criticised in recent months, first branded "hare-brained, insanely and asininely stupid" by Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary at the end of last year, before a report in January said such an airport would cost taxpayers £30bn. Analysts from Deustche bank said the airport would only be commercially viable if Heathrow was shut down.

Will Thatcher get an airport named after her?

The Daily Mail went one step further than Boris and called for Heathrow to be renamed (Thatcherow perhaps?) however this is unlikely as the airport was privatised under the late Prime Minister and owners have said they had no plans for a rebrand.

There have also been suggestions that a statue of Thatcher could be erected on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and that the capital of the Falklands Port Stanley could be renamed Port Margaret.