Neon Wakeboarding: Amazing LED Light Show Created by Snap! Orlando For Red Bull Illume (PICTURES)

WATCH: Neon Wakeboarding Paints Waves With Rainbows

An amazing fusion of tech, photography and extreme sports has seen waves 'painted' with neon lights.

Created by Snap! Orlando, the shoot saw a team of wakeboarders use a high-tech board to take the incredibly beautiful timelapse photographs.

The shoot was carried out by master light painter Patrick Rochon took place near Disney World in Florida, and was created for the Red Bull Illume photography competition by Snap!.

Fitting the boards with the right LED parts, and actually managing to take the photographs was difficult - but as the video above explains, riding the board at night wasn't easy either.

"It really is my movements painting this picture and helping this photo come to life!" said rider Adam Errington, one of the wakeboarders in the pictures.

Take a look at a few other shots below - and there is still more to come. Amazingly, Red Bull says the best have been held back for the competition.

Neon Wakeboarders

Neon Wakeboarders

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