UK Weather: Hottest Day Of The Year Predicted This Weekend

Spring will finally arrive in parts of the UK this weekend, with Sunday set to be the hottest day of the year so far, according to forecasters.

Wet weather on Saturday is predicted to give way to sunshine in the south east on Sunday, with East Anglia enjoying highs of 21C (70F).

Weather in the north and west is set to remain wet and cloudy, but temperatures will still be in the double figures, with highs of 14C (57F).

Warmer weather is set to finally arrive

Rachel Vince, a forecaster at Meteogroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said: "Much of the UK will start off dry on Saturday, but there will be some rain in Devon and Cornwall first thing.

"That's going to spread north-eastwards over the course of Saturday, and winds will strengthen, with only the north of Scotland set to stay fine."

But Saturday night would be frost-free and temperatures in much of England and Wales would not fall below 10C (50F), she said.

Vince added: "The south-east of England will be predominantly fine on Sunday, with sunshine, but the north and west of the UK can expect clouds and showers."

Supermarkets are bracing themselves for increased demand for ice cream and barbecue meats on the hottest weekend of the year, with Asda predicting a 50% surge in sales of sunglasses.

Vince said ice-cream vendors might anticipate brisk trade in the south east - but it could be too early for families elsewhere to pack picnic hampers.

Next week will bring an "unsettled spell of spring weather" with bands of rain and showers moving across the UK, Ms Vince said.