Ke$ha: 'Harry Styles And I Have Been Texting'

Harry And Ke$ha Texting?!

We know Harry Styles is practically irresistible to all women, but we certainly weren't expecting the news that Ke$ha has been exchanging texts with the One Direction star.

Yes, Ke$ha. Really.

The outlandish star has revealed she has been messaging Harry - who is partial to blonde American popstars, having previously dated Taylor Swift - adding she would like him to be her "cougar bait".

She added: "It could be really fun."

Ke$ha previously revealed she thought that Harry was 'cute'.

Asked by Now magazine if she'd ever dated a British guy, she said: "Oh yeah, very many! I'm kind of a sucker for you guys. It's the accent.

"Harry Styles is pretty cute - he looks like a young Mick Jagger."

Could this be the most random celebrity hook-up ever? We think so.

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