Parents Outrage As Horror Movie Trailer Is Shown Before Kids' Film

Parents Outrage As Horror Movie Trailer Is Shown Before Kids' Film

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by Alistair Grant

A cinema has come under fire from furious parents after it showed a graphic trailer for a horror movie before a kids' cartoon film.

Mums and dads looked on in shock as vile scenes from The Devil Inside - a film about exorcism and murder - appeared on screen at Wandsworth Cineworld.

The audience - which included families with toddlers and pre-schoolers - had been enjoying a trip out to see the U rated Puss in Boots.

The Sun reports that "shocked adults rushed to shield their kids' eyes" when the 15 rated trailer came on, depicting scenes of terrifying close-ups of a woman covered in cuts attacking doctors, whilst another girl writhed on a bed with dislocated limbs.

One outraged dad, Peter Flynn, told the paper his four-year-old daughter Lauren was terrified by the images: "She was extremely frightened by what were exceptionally-strong images, even by adult standards. I tried to cover her eyes and ears."

Angry parents were then subjected to another unsuitable trailer, as a clip from the 12a Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was played.

Cineworld deputy general manager David Denyer eventually pulled the plug on the trailers and apologised to the audience.

He said: "I can only apologise. I would be upset if my children had seen those trailers, which were meant for Underworld Awakening, the next film to be shown.

"We're investigating how this error happened and action will be taken if appropriate."

Shocking! What would you have done in the circumstances?

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