London Marathon 2013: David Weir, Paralympic Medallist, Comes 5th In 'Tough' Race

David Weir Must Settle For Fifth Place After 'Tough' Marathon

Paralympic champion David Weir failed to recreate the magic that saw him take four gold medals at the 2012 Olympics in today's London Marathon.

The 33-year-old was disappointed with his fifth place, but the Londoner said he gave it his best shot.

Speaking near the finish line, the six-time London Marathon champion said: "It was a tough race, but I knew it was going to be tough after four months out.

"I just had to do my best, and that's what I did today."

Weir, who wore a werewolf logo on his helmet in homage to his nickname of the "Weirwolf" said he was up against a strong field.

"Everyone in that race wants to win. That's the mindset I have.

"I want to win every race that I do, and at the end of the day, it was one of them days.

"I can't win every single race I go in, and for 2012 I had to peak for that week, and get everything right and plan it well."

Weir, who has won a total of six Olympic gold medals, said an extended break and the cold winter affected his preparation.

"The London Marathon was slightly different this year, because of the four months off and a cold winter and everything else.

"It was tough, mentally, to get back into that sort of shape.

"But look, these things happen. I can't win every singe race that I enter.

"There are guys out there who are very strong in the marathon. So that's it, I've given it my best shot."

Asked what it was like to compete in front of another home crowd in London, he said: "It's the best atmosphere I've experienced in the marathon. It was so loud.

"It's the best atmosphere for any marathon around the world.

"You don't get crowds from the start to the finish, lining the streets in any marathon I do, you only get pockets.

"People were out in force today and they weren't scared of what happened on Monday (the Boston Marathon attacks), and that just shows you the true spirit of British public.

"They're not frightened of terrorists and people trying to upset certain days, and I think it shows that they're paying respect to the victims of what happened in Boston."

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