Omnidirectional Treadmill Will Turn Video Games Into True Virtual Reality (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Omnidirectional Treadmill Will Make Games Into Reality

The Oculus Rift headset looks set to take virtual reality back into the mainstream when it's realised later this year.

But the first question people ask when they see the Oculus is whether anyone's found a way for players to 'run' for real in a game, instead of using a gamepad or keyboard.

Now they have. Check out this awesome omnidirectional treadmill which is about to hit Kickstarter. Described as the first affordable solution to let games run around and shoot things in their living room, the Virtuix Omni is designed to allow the user "to walk freely and naturally in virtual environments".

While inside the user is secured in place by a ring around the waist, while the surface underneath moves with each step, and tracks the speed and direction.

It's pretty interesting - though we have no idea if it works well enough to ditch the dual-sticks forever. But surely something like this is coming down the tracks one day - hopefully before our knees give out.

Take a look, above.


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