Giant Skyscraper Pong Game Played On Philadelphia's Cira Centre (VIDEO)

Like Pong? Like skyscrapers? Then you will love this.

A five year quest by Dr. Frank Lee of Drexel University culminated last Friday night with a 29-story version of the classic arcade game.

Lee was inspired to attempt the feat after driving past the building and noticing its LED lights.

He said: "For whatever reason, I saw in my mind's eye... Tetris shapes outlined by those lights, falling and twisting and rotating."

Pong was eventually chosen over Tetris, partly because of its cultural legacy. Lee said: "Pong is part of our culture. Pong lives in every game that came since then," he told Polygon.

"If you get down the tree of the life of the video game, it will lead at the root to Pong."

Philadelphia's Cira Centre hosted the game to kick off Philly Tech Week.