3D Sonogram System Shows Unborn Child In Unsettling HD (Video)

For those prospective parents not content with waiting nine months for natural childbirth, you can now view 3D images of unborns still in the womb.

The HDLive system uses sonogram readings as a base for the pictures. These are then digitally rendered and an artificial light source applied to add to the clarity.

The medical implications of such a system are undoubtedly fantastic.

Would you want to know what your baby looks like before it's born?

The clear and detailed pictures produced mean doctors should be able to spot and diagnose potential issues far sooner than has previously been possible.

There is just something a little... 'Alien' about the pictures though.

The technology has been around since 1995 but only with the recent introduction of HD scanners has it been possible to produce such detailed and quite frankly unsettling images of your unborn child.

The HDLive system developed was Monaco's Princess Grace Hospital by Dr Bernard Benoit.