'Coronation Street' Star Jane Danson Hints Killer Karl Munro Could Attack Leanne Tilsley

SPOILER: 'Corrie' Killer To Strike Again

Coronation Street's Jane Danson has hinted her character Leanne Tilsley could be cobbles killer Karl Munro's next victim.

Jane told the Radio Times she was worried murderer Karl (John Michie) would go after her next.

She said: "Maybe Leanne could be the next victim of Karl, although I'm hoping not. Who knows? I can't second guess what he might do, but Karl's character is certainly an interesting one."

Leanne's mum Stella Price (Michelle Collins) has recently got back together with ex-flame Karl, who she believes saved her from the fire at the Rovers.

In fact, Karl started the fire and later killed ex-girlfriend Sinitta (Shobna Gulati) while she lay in hospital recovering from him hitting her over the head and leaving her in the blaze.

Jane said her character, who recently married Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), angers Karl when she finds out he has got engaged to her mum and begs Stella to reconsider.

She said: "She does bravado really well and she would never show him to his face that she's scared, but deep down she knows that Karl does potentially have very dark ways.

"She's not great at giving second chances, even though she herself is quite flawed.

"I think essentially Leanne sees him as a bit of a challenge. He's quite a big bloke and quite strong so he could physically scare her.

"There's a scene where he grabs her by the wrist and she tells him she isn't scared of him. But when he walks off, we see that she's visibly shaken."

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