Eastern Screech Owl Is Perfectly Camouflaged In Georgia Forest (PICTURES)

LOOK: N-owl You See Me...N-owl You Don't!

This eastern screech owl is barley visible at the entrance to a tree hole - thanks to its perfectly evolved camouflage.

The nocturnal hunter was photographed in Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp by snapper Graham McGeorge.

He said: "They are masters of disguise so you need to have a sharp eye in order to see them.

Well hello there... an eastern screech owl peeps out of his hole

"I found this one that was living in a hole in the tree that woodpeckers usually make.

"They are easily spooked and every slight movement I made would scare the owl and send it back inside the hole.

"After 30 minutes or so it would come back out."

According to the National Geographic: “Its whinnying and trilling songs are familiar but its vocalisations also include rasps, barks, hoots, chuckles and screeches.”


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