'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer: Chris Hemsworth And Natalie Portman In London

'Thor: The Dark World' has released its latest trailer showing Chris Hemsworth literally sweep Natalie Portman off her feet.

The follow-up to 2011’s Kenneth Branagh-directed 'Thor' will see Hemsworth’s hammer-wielding demigod doing battle with an ancient race of Dark Elves led by the evil Malekith, played by former 'Doctor Who' star Christopher Eccleston.

Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins are also reprising their roles from the first movie.

"Ken established the tone, so we’ve taken the baton and kept running. Alan Taylor is fantastic, one of the men responsible for 'Game of Thrones' which is so of that world, a very grounded, gritty, earthy world where warriors and swords and monsters and magic all meet, so his experience of that has given him a fantastic take on the whole world of Thor," Hiddleston said.

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