Natalie Portman

The Black Swan actor's 12-year marriage to Benjamin Millepied has fallen under intense media scrutiny in recent months.
The May December star opened up about the challenges women face when trying to embrace method acting.
The man who played Luke Skywalker finally got to meet his "mother".
Drew joked about stripping down when Natalie revealed what she'd "never do" for a role.
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Years after Letourneau and Vili Fualaau covered tabloids, a new film considers the life of a man who was preyed upon as a child and our fascination with it all.
In recent years, female attendees have pushed back against the idea that they must wear heels to the French film festival.
The Oscar winner wore a reimagined version of one of Christian Dior's most beloved designs to the premiere of her new movie, May December.
The actor was 12 when she appeared in the flashy 1994 thriller Léon: The Professional.