Meteorite Hits Connecticut House (VIDEO)

Meteorite Strikes Connecticut Man's House

A rock that crashed through a Connecticut man's roof last weekend cracking his kitchen ceiling has been confirmed as a meteorite.

Homeowner Larry Beck called police after hearing a loud crash and finding damage in his attic, reports NBC Connecticut.

Beck said: "As I'm crawling across, I say 'honey, I can see some daylight coming through the roof.'"

The meteor next to a quarter for scale

This was around the same time residents in a number of towns reported hearing a loud boom.

Police initially thought a piece of runway concrete had fallen from a plane.

The rock was later identified as a meteorite from the Lyrids meteor shower by specialists from Yale Peabody Museum.

This phenomenon happens annually as the Earth crosses the orbit of comet Thatcher.

In February a meteor injured nearly a thousand people when it lit up the skies above Russia's Ural mountains causing a sonic boom that shattered windows for miles around.

Although there are a number of accounts of livestock being killed it is highly disputed whether or not anyone has actually died from being struck by a falling meteorite.

There are historical accounts the indicate a meteor shower fell in China in 1490 killing over ten thousand people.

In 1954 a woman was hit whilst sitting in her living room by a 4 kilogram meteor. She survived but was badly bruised.


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