Save A Life An Hour With The P&Amp;G And ASDA Clean Water Campaign

From today, each of us can help combat diseases caused by contaminated drinking water, just by doing our usual weekly shop.

P&G - the company behind Fairy Liquid, Pampers, Lenor and many other household products - is partnering with ASDA to help save one life every hour through a 1 pack = 1 day of clean drinking water programme.

Every day, around 2,000 children diea result of diseases that cause diarrhoea by drinking contaminated water. This means that more children die from illnesses such as cholera and dysentery than from HIV/AIDS and malaria combined.

From today, all of us can help.

The first year goal for the P&G and ASDA Clean Water Campaign is to provide 25 million days of clean drinking water through purification technology created by P&G scientists.

Every time a P&G product is bought in ASDA, one day of clean drinking water will be given to those in need, providing them with sachets that purify the dirtiest and deadliest water in just 30 minutes.

Since the purification sachets were invented they have prevented an estimated 200+ million days of disease but there are still one billion people worldwide who are affected by this life-threatening problem.

Take a look at the video above to find out more.