Missing 'Broadchurch'? Fear Not, 'The Fall' Starring Gillian Anderson Is On The Way

Still suffering withdrawal pangs after 'Broadchurch' shed the remainder of its secrets on Monday night?

Well, fear not. While you're waiting for the second series to arrive on screen, there's something else coming your way that might just shiver the same timbers.

Gillian Anderson stars as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in 'The Fall'

'The Fall', starring Gillian Anderson, is the BBC's hotly-tipped new crime drama, and will be turning up next month.

A preview screening in London last night revealed that the five-parter has all the requisite elements to keep us tuning in. Writer Allan Cubitt previously penned one of the peerless 'Prime Suspect' instalments, and Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson shares some of the focused, solitary traits of her predecessor.

In 'The Fall', Gibson is drafted by the police force in Northern Ireland to help solve a murder committed by what looks increasingly like a serial killer. And, in a fresh take on the usual formula, we get to see the assailant hard at work too, played by a creepy Jamie Dornan - who is a bereavement counsellor by day, devoted family man by evening... and a ruthless sociopath by night.

Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector... butter wouldn't melt

Anderson, who has for a long time made her home in the UK, added that she had been presented with many scripts "attempting to create Jane Tennyson, but never quite managing it" before she was given the role of Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson.

"This had depth and complexity. I really liked her."

'The Fall' will be on TV screens in May.

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