Apple Tim Cook Charity Auction Sees Thousands Bid For Coffee With CEO

How Much Would You Pay To Have Coffee With This Man?

How much would you pay to have coffee with a middle-aged man for an hour? £1? £3? He would have to pay you?

What if that man was Apple CEO Tim Cook and the coffee was at the company's Headquarters in Cupertino, California?

This is the prize up for grabs for one lucky bidder in an online CharityBuzz auction in aid of The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Value for money?

Despite only going live yesterday and being valued at $50,000 the highest bid is a monumental $175,000 (£113,000) - and there are still 19 days left to go.

For comparison, other lots on the site include:

  • Meet Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers: $10,500
  • Meet Bill Clinton: $13,000
  • Meet Robert DeNiro: $2,000

Mr Cook had better have some Grade A conversation...


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