26/04/2013 07:59 BST

George Galloway Blasts Ed Miliband For Being An 'Unprincipled Coward With The Backbone Of An Amoeba'

Getty Images
British politician George Galloway of the Respect party gestures as he speaks to the media in Bradford, northern England, on March 30, 2012 after winning the Bradford West by-election. Galloway, a former Labour MP and a fierce opponent of the war on Iraq, won a sensational return to parliament running for his Respect party on March 30. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW YATES (Photo credit should read ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)

George Galloway does not like Ed Miliband anymore. Having been impressed with the Labour leader's "higher moral character", the Respect MP has now decided Miliband is actually "an unprincipled coward".

On Friday Miliband moved to shut down rumours he had met Galloway in order to discuss welcoming the MP back into the Labour Party.

The Labour leader acknowledged the pair had met recently, but he said it was simply to discuss opposing the government's plans to redraw the electoral map.

"I think George Galloway's views are awful. He might want me to be prime minister but I don't want him to be an MP," Miliband told the BBC.

After word of the meeting got out, Galloway said he was impressed by Miliband's “higher moral character”, describing him as "quite impressive, physically and intellectually".

But having heard Miliband's comments this morning, Galloway has changed his mind.

"Miliband's claim that he repeatedly pursued me for a one hour meeting about 'boundary changes' is, quite simply, a lie," he tweeted.

"I realise now that I showed poor judgement in finally agreeing to meet Miliband. An unprincipled coward with the backbone of an amoeba."