Burst Power Cable On Pimlico Road Sees Flames And Smoke Billow Above Pavement

A pedestrian has narrowly escaped being seriously injured after a explosion beneath a London road saw flames rocketing up above the pavement, only metres from where he was standing.

Caught on camera by Charlie Brook, whose flat overlooks the Pimlico Road, the dramatic footage shows a man talking on his phone next to some roadworks. Moments later thick grey smoke and towering flames send him running for cover.

Brook told the Evening Standard the three explosions happened at around 10.30am on Thursday.

She said "I went to the window and started filming after I heard the first. I didn’t know what it was. When I saw the second explosion I was frightened. I thought it was going to travel up the road and get worse.”

After the National Grid investigated they said it appeared to be UK Power Networks cable that had blown.