Luis Suárez Bite Ban: How Has He Not Been Sent Off For Liverpool? (VIDEO)

As Luis Suárez contemplates his Liverpool career and "shock" at his punishment for biting Branislav Ivanović, it is worth remembering that despite his penchant for controversy, the striker has never been sent off playing for Liverpool.

The quirk is Suárez has now totted up 19 games worth of retrospective bans for racial abuse, an obscene gesture and biting in the Barclays Premier League. Factor in the ban he received in Holland for sinking his teeth into Otman Bakkal (he wasn't red carded then, either) in 2010, and it is 26 games.

Brendan Rodgers said yesterday Suárez has been "thrown to the garbage" and cited cultural differences as the cause for his nature, much like Liverpool's defence of him during and after the Patrice Evra race row.

"A lot of South American players do what it takes to win, it's the way they have been brought up. He grew up in a country where you learnt survival," Rodgers said.

But as the above video testifies, the Uruguayan has an extraordinary knack for staying on the pitch.

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