18 Reasons Why Gwyneth Paltrow Is Different From Us

Now, we know it's hard to believe that the World's Most Beautiful Woman isn't like the rest of us.

But we've been clicking our way through Gwyneth Paltrow's "eminent lifestyle publication" - ie website - GOOP... and we have to break it to you: the super-famous, super-rich and super-slim Mrs Chris Martin does, indeed, have some rather different thoughts on life from the rest of us. Or at least from us. Which is maybe why she's super-famous, super-rich and super-thin, and we eat baked beans from a can in a rented flat.

For 18 wonderful insights into Gwynnie's head, click through our screenshots from GOOP below (full-screen mode recommended). From travel to cookery, fashion to fitness, Paltrow's got it all covered - in a rich/famous/beautiful kind of way...

18 Reasons Why Gwyneth Paltrow Isn't Like Us, According To GOOP

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