Intel 'Projector' Headlights Can Block Out The Rain (VIDEO)


Intel has made a new demonstration of concept headlights which can 'block out' the rain.

The system, reported by Cnet, uses an intensive processing unit to determine where raindrops are likely to fall, and turns off the light being sent to that area.

Needless to say, it requires a powerful processing chip to do that - tracking the position of thousands of drops at once is no mean feat.

But by combining the data with a projector which can control where it sends light with absolute precision, Intel say the result is a safer drive without the distraction of bright raindrops in the driver's view.

The lights won't be ready for sale for years yet, however - Intel says it could be up to a decade before you see them on a car.

Take a look at how it works above, and head over to Cnet for the full story.

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