Microsoft IllumiRoom Preview: Your Next Xbox Might Be A Holodeck (VIDEO)

Microsoft has just released a new demo of its 'IllumiRoom' technology, which could see your next Xbox turn your living room into a holodeck.

The idea is to use a coffee table-based projector to extend a game from the TV to cover the entire wall of a room.

The device - which remains a prototype for now - would sense where the TV was and the shape of the room, and project colours, shapes and other game effects to make the experience more immersive.

The demo video - the first new sight of the idea since January - shows a Call of Duty-style game with action taking place off-screen, and a racing game with snow effects projected around the TV.

Microsoft unveils the new Xbox on 21 May, and it's still possible this might make it in - though it's more likely to follow as a standalone device later in the console's lifecycle. It has also promised more details at a conference due to take place this month.

For now take a look at the amazing demo, above.

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