30/04/2013 08:41 BST | Updated 30/04/2013 09:02 BST

Bunny Shaming: Facebook Group Publicly Humiliates Naughty Rabbits Online (PICTURES)

Many a mischievous canine had its day with the advent of "dog shaming". Then came the feline equivalent, via the eloquently named website My Cat Is A Dick.

Now in the dock are our long-eared friends, bunnies.

Facebook group Bunny Shaming has collected the online world's naughtiest rabbits.

Guilty: A gallery of bunny shame

From the fluffy fiend who ignored a £1.20 extension cord, preferring to chomp straight through a £50 computer cable, to the beast who cheerfully admits to giving his owner's baby gate the "distressed" look, these guys definitely ain't as cute as they look.


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