Nokia's Future 'Array' PureView Camera Could Let You Refocus After Taking Pictures

Nokia is reported to be investing in technology that will enable smartphone-sized cameras to take photos which can be focused after the image has been captured.

Array cameras use multiple tiny lenses instead of the traditional larger one. This allows a sharp image to be taken at all depths of field.

These can then be changed to focus on the foreground, background or any combination in between after the photo has been taken.

Pictures can even be refocused after being downloaded by somebody else at a later date

Pelican Imaging, a California-based start up, is at the forefront of array camera technology - and Nokia have noticed.

Nokia released the groundbreaking 41- megapixel 808 PureView last year. Although the phone itself wasn't up to much the camera was pretty impressive.

The Finnish company will be looking to capitalise on market-leading smartphone camera and stay ahead of competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Rumours abound they are looking to release a Windows based PureView phone later this year although it is unlikely to use an array camera just yet.

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