Nokia 808 PureView Olympic Test: How Good Is Nokia's Lumia-Bound 41MP Camera Phone?

The Nokia 808 PureView is a wonderful and ridiculous camera phone, which can take 41 megapixel photos.

And no, that's not a typo.

Unfortunately, as reviews have said before, the phone itself is a bit of a mess. It runs Symbian, an obsolete operating system, and using it for basically anything except photography is a strain.

But oh, that camera...

Since the PureView tech is heading to Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones fairly soon, we decided to take one to the Olympic Games and see just how good it really is.

So while we were sat in the stadium waiting for Usain Bolt to win gold on 5 August, we took a photo of the Women's Triple Jump. Below are the unedited and edited versions.

As we think you'll see, this camera can make pretty much any Olympic snapshot decent.

Above: the original 15mb photograph taken by the PureView.

Above: after re-treatment, the final photograph - just a tiny fraction of the whole image.