"Two in particular caught my eye – not because of innovation, but the evolution of the products."
We found the most interesting gadgets from MWC so you didn't have to.
Nokia knows when it’s onto a winner. Riding off the success of re-releasing the 3310 the company is back with another remake and this time it has chosen the classic ‘slider’ phone, the Nokia 8110.
There's no denying it's a thing of beauty.
We're not sure why it exists, we just know we're happy it does.
The dynamics of the mobile industry fascinate me. In the past 30 years, it has developed from a fledgling, niche market into
Nokia has unveiled its first flagship Android smartphone. Called simply the Nokia 8, the phone boasts some impressive specifications
When the Nokia 3310 first launched in 2000, the mobile market was a remarkably different space. The phrase 'smartphone' meant nothing and touch screen handsets sounded like something from a sci-fi film. Let's take a look back at the winners and losers of mobile innovation.
The 2017 Nokia 3310 has officially launched in the UK and is available to buy for £50. A remake of the iconic original, the
This year's Mobile World Congress has seen nostalgia rub shoulders with the bleeding edge. The Barcelona event, now underway, is firmly casting an eye to the future with a steely focus on 5G and The Internet of Things, and yet there is also a trend towards better serving the discerning mobile user without the bells and whistles.
No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you what you’re looking at is in fact the Nokia 3310. Some 17 years after it was originally
The most legendary cellphone of them all may be making its way to your nearest cellular shop in the future.
It’s one of the hardiest handsets ever made and it might just have been the first mobile phone you ever owned.  Now the Nokia
WhatsAppers with older smartphones are the latest victims of a technological arms race that punishes customers for not upgrading
BeatWoven is a textile brand creating digitally generated woven fabric from sound. The live recording of Beatie singing Take Me Home with the ambient sound of her audience at David's flat at 34 Montagu Square is currently being woven into a fabric to be crafted into a gown by David Mason and launched at DLD (Digital-Life-Design) conference in January.