Robert De Niro's Martini And 22 Other Crazy Celebrity Demands


Here's a top tip: if you're expecting Robert De Niro to swing by your place any time soon, make sure you make his martini just how it likes it.

"Bob likes gin martinis," read a memo sent to staff at the Tribeca Film Festival DL Rooftop partyjust in case De Niro dropped by. And, y'know, wanted a martini.

According to Metro, step one of the instructions read: "The bartender should muddle a cucumber in the shaker and then mix with ice and gin. He or she should then SHAKE like crazy, an extra 30-45 seconds past the way they teach you in bartending school, so that little frothy chips form. No vermouth necessary."

And step two? "Don’t fill the glass all the way, only two-thirds at most so he doesn’t spill or it doesn’t get warm in his hand." Bless!

Still, Bob isn't the first celebrity to have very particular orders. Not by a long shot. From Van Halen's infamous M&M request to Katy Perry's fridge requirements, check out these 22 downright diva-ish demands...