01/05/2013 12:54 BST | Updated 01/05/2013 12:54 BST

April Jones Case: Mark Bridger 'Researched Ted Bundy' But Denied Knowing 'Relation To Killing Women'

The man accused of killing April Jones has admitted to researching American serial killer Ted Bundy, saying he was "interested" in the case, but "never understood the relation he had with killing girls and having sex with corpses."

Mark Bridger denied to police he had a "sexual interest" in children and said his interest in child murder cases was not restricted to females, adding that he had researched the James Bulger case, a prosecutor told the court on Wednesday.

Forensic searches found blood stains in various locations in Bridger's house, including the hallway carpet, a washing machine in the bathroom and in the living room.

Mold Crown Court heard there was a "one in a billion" match to April's DNA and the defence accept it was the young girl's blood.

forensics search bridge

April Jones' DNA was found in Bridger's washing machine

Prosecutor Elwen Evans QC said there had been attempts to clean away the blood stains, adding: "There was nothing which would strike the eye as April's blood, it was only after careful forensic analysis that this evidence emerged."

During a series of police interviews, which took place over four days, Miss Evans said the defendant was asked by police where April was.

He then repeated his account that he ran over April in his car and drove around the town with her body.

Miss Evans said: "He said he tried to revive her by blowing into her mouth and nose.

"At that point he realised that one side of her chest 'wasn't there'.

"He said he drove out of Bryn y Gog to get medical help.

"He didn't call 999 even though his phone was on the dashboard.

"He drove up to the monument and at that point, I quote, 'I knew she was gone'."

After waking up the next day, Bridger told police he immediately went to his car to see where April was and then began to search for her.

Miss Evans told the court: "He didn't think he would have burned her or buried her or put her in the river, being a father himself he said he would not have done those things.

"He said it was a pure stupid accident."

mark bridger

april jones

April has been missing since last year

Bridger told police: "With what I did to try to revive her, I can promise you that she's not alive."

He added: "All I want to say to Paul and Coral is that I'm sorry for what happened and if, in my heart of hearts if I knew where she was, then I would tell them because, first, I could help them lay her to rest.

"Two, it would assist me with these distasteful accusations I have been accused of and three, and my children would believe, okay, I killed a young child and I did things wrong but they would also not be victimised because I'm their dad, that's all."

Miss Evans has now completed her opening statement and the trial was adjourned until 9am tomorrow when the jury will be taken to Machynlleth to visit sites associated with the case.