01/05/2013 10:05 BST | Updated 01/05/2013 10:06 BST

ITV Cut Potential José Mourinho Exclusive: The Dan Gosling And Steven Gerrard Gaffes (VIDEO)

"So 99% of people, including many broadsheet football writers, don't understand how broadcasting works, at all," tweeted an ITV football writer after the bungling corporation squandered an exclusive from José Mourinho.

No fault could be attached to Gabriel Clarke, the interviewer under orders, but it was another catastrophic gaffe from the beleaguered ITV.

Today, they issued a statement which read:

"Our reporter Gabriel Clarke managed to land an unexpected interview with Jose Mourinho with only two minutes left before the end of last night's Champions League programme on ITV.

"At that stage it was too late to arrange an overrun of the broadcast beyond the allotted time. However, in a very tight, live situation, we showed as much as we possibly could of their exchange to viewers."

When the aforementioned writer was reminded how ITV showed an advert during a game they were televising live not once, but twice, his skin shrivelled and the blocking commenced.

If Dan Gosling and Steven Gerrard are ever juxtaposed in a future pub quiz question, you ought to know the answer.