03/05/2013 09:16 BST | Updated 03/07/2013 06:12 BST

'The Politician's Husband' TV Review Episode 2 - David Tennant Has Never Looked So Evil

Two episodes into 'The Politician's Husband', and any semblance of harmony in the home of these two Westminster luminaries was thoroughly dispelled.

Anybody who still thought that David Tennant only had the hammy Casonova or arch Time Lord in him, would have been disturbed by the acting chops he brought to bear on MP Aiden Hoynes, brought down by disloyalty and showing all the potential for ill-doing that can reside inside a desperate man.

Stuck at home, Aiden Hoynes (David Tennant) can only fester and plan

While his wife Freya (Emily Watson) was able to match him stroke for stroke in the political sphere, even she was ill-prepared for the bruising encounter with her husband on home turf, as shocking as it was brutal only ten minutes into the episode.

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His later antics - seducing his wife while all the while tinkering with her toiletries - seemed comfortingly dramatic, almost soap-opera, by comparison, but obviously his actions are sure to come back to haunt them both, in what's set to be a cracking finale.

Freya (Emily Watson) is holding her own at Westminster, but what about at home?

Meanwhile, is it wrong to give Aiden a little bit of redemption for NOT taking up the there-you-are-in-the-bath blatant offer of comfort with the au pair? Yes, I know he's up to all sorts of other treacheries but, in this day and age, I thought that showed the demonised pollie to have a bit of good left in him.

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